Slow Traffic Keep Right

How many times have you been driving along and noticed the “Slow Traffic Keep Right” sign? They are pretty much on all four lane roads. Have you ever wondered what it meant? Does it mean if I am going under the speed limit I should keep to the right lane? Or does it mean if I am going the speed limit, but everyone else is passing me, should I move to the right line?

It means both. Most roads are designed to keep traffic moving in a flowing, unimpeded manner. This is why there are center left turn lanes, so drivers turning left can exit the main lanes of traffic to make their turns without impeding the flow of traffic. If you are going under the speed limit you should always travel in the right lane or in layman’s speak the slow lane. This also applies to the left lane or “fast lane”.

Just remember if you are moving slower than the vehicles behind you, even if you are doing the speed limit, you are considered the “slow traffic”. Move your vehicle into the right lane, let the other drivers pass and when you can, safely return to the left lane. Driver’s safety is our first priority. We cannot make other drivers properly, but we can insure that we do.