Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson’s 21-year-old daughter by distracted driver

It took just a few seconds for a driver to reach for a drink and take his eyes off the road. In that moment, 21-year-old Casey Feldman was struck and killed while crossing a street in a crosswalk on her way to work. Distracted driving has become a national epidemic, killing more than 3,000 people in 2011 and injuring another 387,000.

Refusing to allow Casey to become just another statistic, her parents Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson founded End Distracted Driving (EndDD) to prevent more senseless deaths and injuries from distracted driving. Since its inception, EndDD has tirelessly advocated for an end to distracted driving through original, groundbreaking research and by enlisting trial lawyers to spread the message to thousands of teens across the nation. Read more about Casey and EndDD.