“Get Over It!” Advice Lets Car Crash Victim Walk It Off

Longtime Huntsville resident Wayne Smith had a plan for what to do if a car was about to crash into him, and that plan saved his life.  The spry 78 year old devised his plan years ago, after a narrow miss frightened the Huntsville Track Club member so much that he quit walking for weeks.  He realized that in the split second before impact, you don’t have an opportunity to get out of the way, but you can avoid being crushed underneath.  By leaping and directing his body off the ground, he was catapulted into the air by the speeding car.  While airborne, he twisted to direct his feet toward the ground.  “I’ve always been told it was to get on top of the vehicle, not let the vehicle get on top of you…” said Smith.  That nugget of advice saved Smith’s life.  So if you are a pedestrian and a car is about to wreck into you, remember: Get Over It, Walk It Off. Get Over It: Jump off the ground so you travel over the car, don’t let your feet get trapped underneath. Walk it Off: Twist your body best you can to land on your feet, not your head.