Driving while on the internet?

In a new survey of nearly 900 motorists, State Farm Insurance found that the use of mobile Web services has increased dramatically in the last two years. The data showed that, for all drivers, accessing the Internet while on a cell phone increased from 13 percent in 2009 to 18 percent in 2011, and from 29 percent to 43 percent for drivers 18 to 29. Ironically, the study also showed that texting while driving remained flat or decreased in most instances, perhaps due to the increasing number of states that ban texting. “Calls from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and others to ban cell phones are focusing now on both texting and Web use while driving. The mobile Web is a growing issue for safety advocates concerned about distractions while driving,” said David Beigie, State Farm public affairs vice president.

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