Driving Courteously With High Beams

How many times have you been driving at night and had to deal with an approaching driver who has forgotten to turn their high beams off? Probably more times than you can count. As drivers, we all need to be aware of and be courteous with our use of high beam headlights. Do we really want to force fellow motorist off the road simply because we forgot to turn off our high beams and the other driver can’t see the road? No, we do not, nor do we want to be the driver that is placed in that position.

We can always click our high beams on and off and hope the other driver pays heed, but if they do not we can always focus our attention and eyes to the white line on the edge of the road as our guide until we pass the inconsiderate driver. For safety’s sake and in the name of courtesy remember to turn your high beams off when approaching fellow motorists.