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Dangers of texting while driving

Despite all the warnings and illegality, people are still using their phones while driving.  Adults and teens have formed a habit of reading and sending emails and text messages while driving their cars.  Warnings and statics about the dangers of distracted driving have been published over and over again.  Laws have been passed to make the use of cell phones while operating a car illegal.  However, people continue to ignore the warnings, statics, and laws.

     The dangers of using your cell phone while operating a car are due to the fact that your attention is on your phone instead of the road.  In order to use your phone you must look down at the phone which takes your eyes from the road.  You might as well be driving blind. You are not paying attention to your driving much less the driving of the other drivers on the road.  A distracted driver is more dangerous than a drunk driver.

Spring is almost here, make sure you and your car are ready!

Spring in AL

As the spring begins, there are seasonal changes of which drivers should be aware.  Spring is a time for potholes. During the winter, water under the pavement freezes and thaws, eroding the foundation of the road. Potholes tend to form with the constant flow of traffic going over this weakened road. Be aware of potholes so you do not sustain damage to your car.

Spring is also the season for rain. Slippery roads can make it harder for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. When it is raining, it is a good idea to give yourself extra time to get somewhere, reduce your speed, and give yourself a couple extra seconds to stop as you are driving to avoid a collision.

We must not forget that Driving is a Great Responsibility

No one likes to sit in traffic, and we all want to get home after a long day as quickly as possible. However, we must not forget that driving is a great responsibility that, when done carelessly, can have grave consequences. Many drivers disregard other people’s safety while weaving in and out of traffic and driving dangerously. This is not only distracting to other drivers, but significantly raises the risk of an accident. Accidents not only affect the people directly involved, but affect family members and many other aspects of the lives of the people involved. There is not only damage to the vehicles, but there can be physical injuries, loss of time at work and property damage. Please remember, next time you are in a rush, getting to your destination safely is much more important that getting there quickly. If you have been in an accident and need advice, call Hodges Trial Lawyers. Our experienced attorneys can sit down with you and review your case and discuss your options.

Winter Weather Driving

This February weather has been one for the record books in Alabama.  We have seen our fair share of snow, ice, sleet, and frigid cold temperatures.  Here are some basic driving tips for driving on these winter conditions:

 1.      GO SLOW! – You cannot pretend that you are driving in normal conditions.  Take your time and be cautious. Don’t make unnecessary lane changes or quick acceleration or braking maneuvers.  It will take you much longer to get somewhere if you crash than if you try and shave a few seconds off your daily commute.

2.      EASY ON THE BRAKES – Brake application is a common trigger of vehicle sliding which results in you losing control of your car.  ABS do not work well on ice and snow, and often will lock up your wheels.  Sliding wheels make it nearly impossible to control your vehicle.

3.      TURN INTO A SLIDE – If you find your car sliding, you need to turn your wheels in the direction that the REAR of the car is sliding.  By turning into the slide, you stand the best chance of recovering control of your vehicle.  (If you saw the Pixar movie Cars, it’s the same concept Lightning McQueen had to learn when racing on the dirt roads).

4.      DON’T BE OVERCONFIDENT – A major factor in many serious and fatal crashes is one’s overconfidence in their abilities to drive in adverse conditions.  Just because the speed limit is 50 doesn’t mean you should go 50 in less than ideal conditions.  Similarly, just because you have driven in bad weather conditions before does not mean that the snow and ice is any less slippery for you than a new driver.  Recognize that you are driving in dangerous conditions and don’t get cocky.