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Dangers of texting while driving

Despite all the warnings and illegality, people are still using their phones while driving.  Adults and teens have formed a habit of reading and sending emails and text messages while driving their cars.  Warnings and statics about the dangers of distracted driving have been published over and over again.  Laws have been passed to make the use of cell phones while operating a car illegal.  However, people continue to ignore the warnings, statics, and laws.

     The dangers of using your cell phone while operating a car are due to the fact that your attention is on your phone instead of the road.  In order to use your phone you must look down at the phone which takes your eyes from the road.  You might as well be driving blind. You are not paying attention to your driving much less the driving of the other drivers on the road.  A distracted driver is more dangerous than a drunk driver.

Second Lawsuit Filed Over Fatal FedEx Collision

A second lawsuit has been filed over a fatal collision in Wyoming involving a FedEx tractor-trailer. The lawsuit was filed by the sister of the driver of the car which was hit when a tire on the FedEx trailer failed. The man driving the car, his significant other, and her son all died of injuries from the collision. The first lawsuit was filed by the daughter of the driver’s significant other. The newest lawsuit, filed by the driver’s sister, contends that FedEx was to blame, as it should have monitored the truck’s tires. The lawsuit names as defendants FedEx Ground Package Systems, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations and its various subsidiaries, and a company called CLR Transportation.