Aaron Holm lost both of his legs changing a tire

Aaron Holm was helping a coworker change a flat tire in 2007 when a car crashed into his, causing a chain reaction that pinned him between two vehicles. He lost both of his legs above the knee. Friends and family rushed to his side, and within hours a plan was in place that would help Aaron achieve a remarkable recovery.

One night before a difficult surgery, Aaron mentioned in his blog that he, like many amputees, still had sensation from his missing limbs. So he asked everyone to “wiggle your toes for me.” The phrase struck a chord with his supporters and inspired the name of the foundation Aaron started to help others regain a full life after losing a limb. Wiggle Your Toes replicates Aaron’s recovery plan with consultation on a full range of services for amputees and their family, from legal protection to transportation to prosthetics. Read more about Aaron and his foundation.